All about Google Duplex - A new Technology

Hey, Subham here. Today I am posting about Google Duplex, which was released by Google itself at the Google I/O 2018. We all know very much about Google.
google duplex
It is the biggest search engine in the world.  Its another product is Wear OS which was a Watch that has many advanced features like with the watch in your hand you will be able to call someone, chat with someone. Sometimes it can be used like a Pedometer in which you can easily see your steps from your workout season. Basically, it is a more or less like a Smartwatch which has all the functionalities of a smartwatch.

Now coming to the main topic,

Google stunned the world when it flaunted Google Duplex. Its new innovation to deal with assignments via telephone. Since its uncover in front of an audience at the Google I/O meeting, there has been some new information with respect to the A.I. that will make telephone calls - wellbeing checkup arrangements or supper reservations, out of sight, so you don't need to.

Amid the opening keynote at Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai acquainted the world with Google Duplex. In a demo, the A.I. could deal with undertakings via telephone in a sensible way. In spite of the fact that this wowed the gathering of people in participation and people watching at home. The demo neglected to specify the legitimate issues of the A.I. for example, recognizing itself and recording discussions.

Google designs Duplex to make life somewhat less demanding for the two individuals and organizations. Clients can spare time utilizing Google Assistant to deal with assignments via telephone with Duplex innovation, specifically, those individuals who are hearing disabled or have issues with the neighborhood dialects.

Testing of Google Duplex will start this mid-year. Google Assistant customers with access to the development will have the ability to make restaurant reservations, book hair salon course of action by means of phone.
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