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Hey guys,
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Blog Theme
Today I am going to share a Blog theme which is Professional actually for free. You don't have to spend any money to buy the theme. The theme is very professional and it is the best theme I have ever used. I personally using it for my blog, you can see it.
The main motive to provide this theme for free is to spread the good things that are very much useful for upcoming blogging life.

The name of the theme is "NewsPaper". You can just simply click on the below link to download from Google Drive.

After downloading, just be sure to extract it with the help of any compressor app like WINZIP.
After extracting you will find the provided XML file for the theme, just keep it safe cause it is the "Theme".
The best thing is that it is SEO friendly. If you don't know what is SEO, don't worry I will provide the knowledge of SEO in the upcoming posts. It is very much responsive and mobile friendly. By using the theme in your blog you can easily apply for the Adsense approval.

Now after putting the XML file in the safe position just open your blogger id and go to the theme tab which is in the left side of the blogger page.
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Theme Tab

After opening the theme tab you will find BACKUP/RESTORE option in the upright corner of the page. Click on it and upload the XML file.
blog theme, blogging
Backup/Restore tab

And that's it!!!!!!

You are done.
This is all in the post. Thank you.
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