Get Adsense Approval very fast with this simple tricks of 2018

Get Adsense Approval very fast with this simple tricks of 2018 by Technical Virus

Hey there, this is Subham from Technical Virus. Today in Blog tips and tricks I will write simple tricks and most valuable tips to get Adsense approval very fast and in the first time apply.

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So, let's start. Before starting, make sure that your blog must be about 10 days old. Only then you should apply for the Adsense. I have seen many people that they create a website, build it and after two or three days they apply for Adsense, but this is not as easy as it is liked.
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Now, before going to apply for the Adsense you should check some things because nowadays competition is very tough. And if you not aware of how to get approval for Adsense you simply can't get approval by any means.
Below is a quick list of what are the main things for getting an approval:

  1. TLD
  2. Pages
  3. Contents
  4. Theme
  5. Image

1. TLD (Top Level Domain)

TLD means Top Level Domain. For getting approval you must have a TLD for your Blog. In recently Updated guidelines of Adsense, they clearly said that you must have a TLD for your blog before applying to them. There are two different sections of TLD, that is - 1. Global TLD and 2. Country-based TLD.  Global TLD means ".com", ".org", ".info" etc. Country-based TLD  means the Domains that made by the country like, for INDIA it is ".in", for the US it is  ".us".

2. Pages

To get Adsense approval you must have 4 pages required for your Blog. That is "Contact US", "About Us", "Privacy Policy" and "Disclaimer". You can make this pages easily in Blogger by going to the pages tab and creating four Pages for your Blog. Put contents in those pages. On the Internet, there are lots of ways available to make the contents of "Privacy Policy" and "Disclaimer".

3. Contents

Contents are your main things for both get Traffic and getting Approval of Adsense. Make your contents about 2000 words in all posts. Make sure you will write the contents with your own. Don't copy from somewhere else on the Internet. If you do this your Adsense will not approve. So, write your own contents because "Content is King".

4. Theme

Another important thing for Adsense approval is to choose the best theme for your Blog. According to your Blog choose best themes. There are many free and paid themes are available on the Internet. Just simply download and install the theme.

5. Images

Images that you will provide in your content should be unique. You should make your own image through your camera or you can download some Royalty free images from pexels or pixabay. They provide copyright free images. You can download the images according to your needings.
Get adsense approval fast

So, basically these five things you should consider before applying for Adsense. If you do accordingly as mentioned above I am sure you will be able to get the approval on the first try.

That's all. See you in the next post.
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