What is Computer Vision?

Hey there, this is Subham from Technical Virus. Today I am going to write about an interesting thing that is, COMPUTER VISION.

Sounds interesting! Right?

In today's article, I will explain what is Computer Vision and how it is used.

So, let's start.

computer vision


So, what is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision is a field of computer science that provides a Computer to See.

Let me explain to you in simple words.

We are Human and we all can see, feel, and do anything. Like that, Computer Vision is a field of Computer Science that provides a Computer to See, Feel, Identify and Process images as Human vision does and gives an appropriate Output.

But it is really tough to do. It is a difficult task to recognize images by a Computer.

But for the blessings of Technology, we did it by various methods.

You can also say that it is related to AI (Artificial Intelligence). As AI does the same workings as a Human being does approx in everything. I wrote an article about AI and its effects and Usefulness. You can simply read that from  HERE.

Computer Vision is a field of Computer Science that works like Human Vision. It can see, feel, Identify and Process Images as Human Vision does.
In the Cars, if we apply Computer Vision then it can sense the inside behavior of the Driver. Means, it can sense through its vision that where is the hole in the road is situated.
It can actually sense where is the Road Blocker is present and can do many more things.
So, this is the main thing about Computer vision. Check out other Posts below  -

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