What is Image Optimization? How to do Proper Image Optimization for your Blog

What is Image Optimization? How to do Proper Image Optimization for your Blog

Image Optimization is one of the most important things for your Blog. A blog without image optimization is nothing but a Sea without water

So, image optimization is a real need for your blog to rank the blog in Google Search Engine at a higher position.
What is Image Optimization? How to do Proper Image Optimization for your Blog
image optimization techniques

I am Subham and here I will discuss the Top 5 methods to do proper Image Optimization.

What is Image Optimization?

But before that, we have to know what is an Image and by what compositions an image is made?

An image is a collection of Pixels. Pixels are the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that can be displayed on a digital display device.

A pixel is the basic logical unit in digital graphics. Pixels are combined to form a complete image, video, text or any visible thing on a computer display.

An image is a visual representation of something. An image is a picture that has been created or copied and stored in electronic form.

Now, as you know about what is a picture then now you should know What is Image Optimization?

Whenever you use an image it may be different sizes. Some images are very large, some are small.
You can use whatever image you want and use in your blog. 

But that will ruin your blog in Google search engine. Because a picture or an image should be used with proper optimization i.e reducing the size of your image without hampering the quality of the image. 

Why do you need Image Optimization?

With proper image optimization, you can speed up your blog post as the image has been optimized and that will affect your Search Engine result

As you know SEO is a big factor to rank your blog and that is why when Google or any other Search Engines check your blog it watches your blog images too.
So, that is why you need Image Optimization.

How to find Right images for your Blog

You can't use google's images directly as they are copyright protected and if you use google's image to your blog then there might be a chance to get a Copyright Strike on the blog and you can lose your blog

So, there are many websites and even doing a change in Google's search settings you can find the right images for your blog without copyright.

1st method( using some websites):

There are many websites from where you can easily download images without copyright. Some of the websites are:

> PIXABAY (click here)

> VISUAL HUNT ( click here)

> PEXELS (click here)

> UNSPLASH (click here)

> KABOOMPICS (click here)

2nd method( using Google search settings):

Follow the below steps to find Copyright free images from Google.

What is Image Optimization? How to do Proper Image Optimization for your Blog
do like that

do like that

What is Image Optimization?

Optimize images by creating your own image

You can create your own image to use them in your blog.

 If you have photo creating or editing skills then simply create your photos in Adobe Photoshop and use them.
But, there are many websites like Canva provides a huge collection of pre-created 
What is Image Optimization? How to do Proper Image Optimization for your Blog
canva website

templates, you just have to pick the choice of your own and then edit accordingly.

How to do proper Image Optimization for your blog?

1. Optimize by Compress the size of your image

 You have to compress images before uploading the images on your blog. 

First, you have to know types of images and the effectiveness of compressing those types.
There are mainly 3 types of images we use every day. Those are JPEG, PNG, and GIF.
Most of us use JPEG images for our blog but sometimes we tend to use Gif's and Png's as well

JPEG: JPEG is used in digital photography and it is the most and widely used formats.

PNG: PNG offers effective compress. If you edit and recompress a png file then it won't lose its original quality.

GIF: it is popular for using small size images but requires a time to load.

So, before uploading you must compress your image for doing proper image optimization.

Tinypng ( click here) is a great website for compressing the images, and it is totally free.

What is Image Optimization? How to do Proper Image Optimization for your Blog
tinypng website

2. Choose the right file name

Before uploading an image on your blog, you should change your image name for proper SEO as well as image optimization

Some people upload the same image and without changing the file name, you can use that but, that is not a good practice.

                                   Proper way: "what-is-image-optimization.jpeg"

                                   Wrong way: "asfddadDS.png"

3. ALT text

The main purpose of ALT text is to describe the image on your blog. If the description of the image is not present in the image then ALT is used.

The other purpose of ALT is to tell Search engines that an image is present in that position. Search engines are unable to find the images on your blog until you give the ALT tag for your image to do proper image optimization.

Adding ALT text to your image is not a difficult thing. 

After putting an image on your blog and then if you hover over it then you will see "properties" tab. Click on it and write the ALT text.

4. Height and Width of the Image

This is the most overlooked factors in image optimization. Whenever you use the image make sure it's HTML code contains the height and width parameters as well.

When the browser loads the webpage then text and images are loaded in same time, and a common sense, that if your images are bigger in height and width from your main text then it will require a great time to load and to see from mobile devices the images will not fit your post. 

That's why it should be maintained.

5. Image SEO 

After doing proper image optimization lastly, it is SEO that will take your post at a higher level. Do proper SEO (you can also check my Advance SEO post).

Sharing your images to Pinterest, will help you to generate good traffic, and you make your own images and then share your images to Pinterest then you will get good backlinks from there, because whenever a person uses your images and gives credit, then you will get quality backlinks from there. 

If you want to know how to create backlinks then please read this post (Click Here).

Final Words:

Images are great ways to rank your blog perfectly.

But, it is your duty to do image optimization properly to get the fruitful result of your hard work

I am absolutely sure if you follow the above steps you will definitely rank your blog post as well as an image too.

If you found this useful, share with others. Because Sharing is caring.
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